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miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013

To Cork or Not to Cork


12:53 pm - Tue, March 26 2013
Patrick Spencer said:
Thank you for the informative article. Regarding Mr. Peterson-Nedry's comments on cork taint percentages, I would ask that Mr. Perterson-Nedry provide quantifiable and scientific research that proves 5 to 10% of wines being "off" due to only natural cork/TCA taint. As a wine maker I'm sure he's aware that there are over 800 chemical compounds that can affect the favor profile of wine and of those 800, none of them are caused by natural cork. Also, it has been scientifically proven that if a winery has TCA present,i.e. in the walls, flooring ,pallets, cardboard or boxes the wine can be affected by TCA whether a natural cork, screw cap or plastic plug is used to seal the wine. Regarding his comment that, “No other industry would put up with that rate of defective product,”, that's just not accurate. A 2005 FDA study on spoilage and loss in agricultural products, showed the loss rate for apples alone, to be close to 40%. The losses were tracked from farmer to wholesaler to retail and then to consumer. In closing Peter Gago, head winemaker at Penfold’s, admitted during an event after the 2012 London International Wine Fair, that levels of TCA in his wines were down to 1%, or, he explained, the same percentage that are prematurely oxidised due to mechanical damage to screwcaps.” It is important to give consumers real fact's not outdated and unsubstantiated rumors. Possibly the next time this topic comes up for an article, it can focus on the environmental cost of screwcap and plastic closures. I venture to say, no winemaker wants a Bauxite mine or oil refinery across from their vineyard.

Patrick Spencer
Executive Director
Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

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